About Us

TITAN DISPLAY is your source for premium acrylic display products.

It’s so exciting to start a collection, work hard to add to it, and to complete a set!  Maybe this hobby was passed down to you from a family member, or you just had a personal interest and started on your own.  No matter how you started, you want a quality display case for your collection to view your achievement.   That’s where we come in.

 We searched and searched for cases to properly display the boxes and packs of cards we collect, but we just couldn’t find one that fit our needs.   So, we decided to build our own!

 We know that, for collectors like us, the most popular kind of display is an acrylic box.  Not only are they light-weight and cost-effective, they offer a variety of specialized benefits. Once we were able to build sizes and styles that worked best for us, we decided to share these with the community of like-minded collectors.

 We hope you find these just as useful as we have to display and enjoy your collection, while protecting it from dust, cleaning supplies, pets, children, or clumsy house guests.   In a TITAN DISPLAY, even if they get knocked over, they will be protected from significant damage.   

 See our “About Acrylic” for additional information about our quality product and tips for displaying!