About Acrylic

TITAN DISPLAY products are made from only the best cast, crystal clear, acrylic sheeting, featuring extra thick, highly polished edges for a smooth clean look. All items are more than 80% UV protectant while transmitting 92% of light with better clarity than regular glass. Acrylic also has 17 times the impact resistance of glass.

 You can care for your TITAN DISPLAY product with just a microfiber cloth and occasionally an acrylic cleaner to keep it highly transparent.

 Presenting your collection in a TITAN DISPLAY product allows you to showcase your items with intent, in a way that creates harmony in a room if displayed correctly.   Our boxes can be stacked to heighten the visual appeal of a complete collection of similar items.  TITAN DISPLAY acrylic boxes are more transparent than glass, allowing your collection to be displayed without tint or glare.  Our acrylic boxes are almost invisible and keep the focus on your collection, not the display box.

 If you find yourself rearranging your collection often, TITAN DISPLAY allows you to handle your collection without risk of damage or fingerprinting. If you need to store them for long-term, you can leave your collection inside the display box and pack it away as needed.  The durability of TITAN DISPLAY Acrylic Boxes protect your collection from several forms of storage-related damage.

 Whether your collection has monetary or sentimental value, you want to safeguard, store, and stage it in TITAN DISPLAY Acrylic boxes. With proper care, your collection will have a long, enjoyable life so you can pass on this exciting hobby to the next generation.